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      Hello,My friend,Welcome to visit the ISCA!

      Our Vision

      We aim to be World’s leader supply chain logistics platform. We provide the win-win platform for data sharing!


      Our Mission

      Our platform provides each supply chain participant with a lot of accurate and transparency marketing information. to create invaluable data to our customers to make the best-fit supply chain strategy!


      Core Business

      We focus on eco-environment in supply chain development, providing a fair and intelligent data system for enterprises to meet customer needs, enjoy growth and opportunity!

      About ISCA

      International Supply Chain Alliance (ISCA), developing the Global Supply Chain Logistics Alliance Platform providing an online marketplace, and sourcing solution for logistics!

      • In 2012, establish Guangzhou Huixian Network Technology Co., Ltd., establish China alliance platform as pilot run.
      • In 2015, Hong Kong headquarters set up targeting international alliance platform.
      • In 2016, reform company structure and establish Qianhai OYM (Shenzhen)
      • In 2017, China Platform reached 5,000 warehouse alliance members, 4,000 transportation members and 1,000 freight forwarding members.
      • In 2018, ISCA is targeting 12,000 alliance members and share the philosophy of ISCA to the world in other countries.
      • ISCA,Is the logistics industry workers tomorrow, sharing, win-win!

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      ISCA Development Plan

      We focus on providing accurate and transparent information on our platform to our supply chain alliances. We found different alliances by collecting and sharing supply chain big data on our platform.

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      Supply Chain News

      13 May


       The products variety and differentiation are big issues for warehouse operator. Properly warehouse storage for your warehouse is important to ensure smooth daily operation for your warehouse. Today, i would like to share 4...

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      28 Apr


        What is public warehouse Public Warehouse is operation that provides warehousing and related services by third-party logistics company in short/long time period. Related services include packaging, labeling, order management, f...

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      ISCA News

      Edmon FUNG Cho Kie, CEO of ISCA participate in the OceanX 1st Annual General Meeting as Speaker.

      Edmon FUNG Cho Kie, CEO of ISCA participate in the OceanX 1st Annual General Meeting as Speaker.    

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      How the logistics industry layout

      2019 This year, we will continue to see more of the breakthrough in the field of logistics, more innovative, more PK, more collisions, perhaps only appearance, when we penetrate the essence of logistics, industry penetration causes, we wi...

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      Join our team!

      Join the new generation of supply chain professionals.
      We are looking for passionate individuals!

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      Our Partners

      ISCA's China Platform has been serving more than 10,000 well-known brands and their customers over the last few years.

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